Posted by: Catadromy | April 25, 2011

You Blinged Out Your Yaris? Seriously?

So I’m driving along Coldwater Canyon one day (for those of you who don’t know, I live in El Lay) and I spot a car in front of me, waiting to make the left turn onto the freeway.  It’s a Yaris.  A white Yaris.  So far, so good.  But what do I see, sparkling in the sunshine?  Bling!  Lots and lots of bling.  Bling on the logo.  Bling around the license plate.  Bling on the hubcaps.  On a Yaris.

Which leads me to wonder about the type of person who does such a thing?  Is this his first car and he’s really proud of it and he wants to show it off to everyone he drives past?  I’ve seen Escalades done up like this and that’s a whole other thing—but a Yaris?  Is this a hipster making a cool statement of irony, as in, ‘I know this is an econo-box of a car, but I’m going to bling it out and make out as if it were an Escalade’.  Or is he a Junior-Pimp-In-Training, with car to match his current level of, um, stable?

As Yul Brynner was known to say (as the King of Siam), ‘Tis a puzzlement’.


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